Beach Recovery from Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is still impacting  the Southeast coastline of the United States, with North Carolina facing floods in the wake of a large, slow moving storm that has decimated the coastline. After 3 days of wall to wall storm coverage, the mainstream media pulled away its cameras while the storm raged slowly though the Carolinas. Beach Recovery is putting together a Map of affected beaches and links to local news coverage, to bring much needed awareness of  the enormity of the devastation (please watch this space for updates).  As well, Beach Recovery will create awareness of alternative, more natural, methods of coastal engineering to recover beaches and mitigate future erosion in a more environmentally safe way, than the antiquated, ineffective ‘pump and dump’ method of beach nourishment by dredging, pumping and dumping sand.

Please contact Beach Recovery to see how we may help recover your favorite beach.

Tracking Hurricane Matthew Damage

Where the Dunes Held

Areas where dunes and accretion mitigated Hurricane Matthew Damage


Before and After

Tybee and Savannah before and after Hurricane Matthew (may take a few seconds to load)