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Create Your Own BRF Event!

  Our members are constantly asking us how they can help the cause. We tell them that knowledge is power. The more we can all educate each other on the severity of losing healthy coastlines, the greater the chance governments will finally choose to do something to remedy the hazards of erosion. Therefore, to encourage […]

Beach Recovery Foundation Design Challenges

Beach Recovery Foundation Design Challenges The primary cause for the erosion of our coastlines is of our own doing: dredging. When we cut the sea bottoms to make them deeper for boats to navigate, nature immediately attempts to fill them in with our coastlines. Challenges #1 and #2 seek to do away with the need […]

Come with 1 Leave with 2

Come with 1 Leave with 2 What: The Beach Recovery Foundation’s Come with 1 Leave with 2 campaign is as simple as it sounds: for every one item of trash you bring to a beach, leave with two. If on a beach that generously provides trash cans, pitch in two for every one you bring! […]

Eroded Values

Eroded Values What: Our Eroded Values campaign focuses on both how little value we have placed on maintaining healthy beaches, as well as how eroded beaches vastly decrease property values and income from beach-related activities. We throw billions of dollars at dredging projects with nary a thought on how to stabilize the end result– the pumped-on […]

No Brown in the Blue

No Brown in the Blue MAKE A DONATION What: The Beach Recovery Foundation’s No Brown in the Blue campaign is about halting the estimated 100 million gallons of storm water runoff that can overload sewage treatment plants, thereby dumping often toxic waste into the surrounding waters. It is also about halting all forms of dumping of […]

Oysters and Ocean Acidification

Fight Ocean acidification. Bring back the dune habitat and plant urban gardens to Soak up excess CO2. Oysters are the ocean’s filters. With oyster larvae population crashes due to ocean acidification, there is a dire need to reduce excess CO2 in the atmosphere. Changing the pH of the Oceans will have a drastic effect on […]