What: The Outer Banks of North Carolina, plain and simple, are disappearing. Immediately below is what part of the town of Rodanthe looked like after hurricane Irene hit the area. The washed out road, Route 12, is the sole ground route to and from the mainland. Further below on the left is the surf in Hatteras breaking over Route 12. On the right is a closeup of the buckling that occurred all up and down Route 12 as a consequence of the resulting liquefaction.

Why: One longtime resident’s property (far below, left) has eroded the length of two football fields in the last ten years. Hatteras Point (far below, right), commonly considered the best fishing spot in the U.S., is disappearing at an alarming rate. People do not seem to realize that the main factor causing this erosion is man-made — the perpetual dredging of the Oregon Inlet-and that the erosion is reversible!





Source: http://coastal.geology.ecu.edu/NCCOHAZ/maps/erosion5.html

What you can do to help: Yes, hurricanes and storms in general have battered the Outer Banks since their formation. However, as we explain here, to say the rapid erosion of the area is nature taking its natural course, even if one subscribes to climate change,  is ridiculous. Knowledge is power. Be informed. Please help us get the truth out to everyone– and make them take notice! Please help us fund whatever research or technology is necessary to begin reversing the erosion of the Outer Banks!


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