What: Hellshire Beach (above) is lined with thatched-roof restaurants offering a choice of the freshest seafood in all of Jamaica, at very reasonable prices. It is quite enjoyable and safe to swim in the warm Caribbean sea, float in an inner-tube, ride a donkey, or motor around on a jet-ski. It is also a great place to hear loud reggae music, not to mention run on the very same spot as the famous reggae musician, Bob Marley (below; Bob Marley on Hellshire Beach in 1973 © Esther Anderson).

Why: Hellshire Beach is eroding. Fortunately, the Half Moon Bay Fishermen’s Co-operative Society Limited (HMBL) has recognized the problem and has already obtained permits from the government to engage the services of the Beach Recovery Foundation to fix their beach.

What you can do to help:  Jamaica, though rich in culture and heritage, is not a wealthy country. The Beach Recovery Foundation is therefore engaged in conversations with the HMBL on how best to raise funds for the project. Our equity financing proposal is awaiting their approval. In the meantime, we are funding research to SAVE THE WAVE.

Bob Marley Hellshire Jamaica – Hellshire Beach

Jamaica – Hellshire Beach