Note: The following article was written/published on February 6, 2015 by – “News & More for American Samoa.”  The photograph of CEO Greg Sarno being interviewed by KVZK TV at Utulei Park, was added by the Beach Recovery Foundation.

Group wants to study beach erosion


A group from the United States, Beach Recovery Foundation, wants to help the territory address beach erosion and their CEO and vice president are here to seek government approval for a pilot study on beach erosion at Utulei and Fagaalu.

A key objective of Beach Recovery Foundation is to educate, fund and study research to solve the erosion problem around the world.

Gregory Sarno, founder and chairman of the foundation says in correspondence with the Department of Commerce that they propose a pilot study at their own costs at Fagaalu and Utulei beaches to learn the cause of the erosion and identify how best to control it.

Mr. Sarno and Vice President, Real Estate and Special Programs, Jeffrey Mitchell arrived over the weekend to meet with ASG officials as well as leaders of the two villages involved to explain what they are trying to do.

They will also be diving at Utulei and Fagaalu to collect data.

The study will involve placing what are called geo textile tubes filled with sand in one area and another with concrete to compare the effectiveness of either method to prevent erosion.

There will also be a coastal engineering analysis.

The study is proposed for one year and upon completion the group says it will hand over results to ASG.

The two officials have done presentations for Fagaalu and Utulei villages and government departments and are scheduled to conduct one for the governor on Monday.