Our members are constantly asking us how they can help the cause. We tell them that knowledge is power. The more we can all educate each other on the severity of losing healthy coastlines, the greater the chance governments will finally choose to do something to remedy the hazards of erosion.

Therefore, to encourage people to check out our foundation website and get educated, we ask that our members show solidarity by occasionally offering specials and discounts specifically for other members. To be able to take advantage of these special offers, all a customer/member need do is display any item bearing the distinctive BRF cross logo. Alternately, non-members need simply promise they will join our cause the first chance they get.

All BRF events, corporate or member initiated, will be displayed together, under the Events menu option as well as on our Facebook page. To participate, so that we may encourage our members to patronize your caring and enlightened establishment, simply send us an email at Please include the following information:

For Display:

– Name of Your Establishment

– Address/Phone

– Website URL

– Promotion Details

Not for Display:

– Contact person

– Contact phone

– Contact email

Thank you!